Who We Are?

Our Mission

The goal of our organization is to improve the quality of education on the African continent. All people deserve an opportunity to learn; as Nelson Mandela once said, “Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” However, many children do not have the proper tools necessary in order to reach their full potential. There are many underprivileged areas in Africa where a quality education is unattainable – this needs to change. The first step to a better future is donating educational resources to these communities. We here at The Alliance for African Education will do our part in supplying these resources.

FoundERS and executive board:

 Omar Abdel-Reheem    Joe dajani     Tomas Harbut    Sean IbrahimiaN

Additional Members

Luke Doll (Chief Volunteer of Operational Management)

Omar Abdallah (Volunteer)

Hanan Ali (Volunteer)

Annie Burns (Volunteer)

Jacob Czyhera (Volunteer)

Christos Dalmares (Volunteer)

Bart Florczyk (Volunteer)

Suzanna Harbut (Volunteer)

Owen Harty (Volunteer)

Shaan Pathak (Volunteer)

Adam Ramadan (Volunteer)

Ezldean Shalabi (Volunteer)

Marcin Szumowicz (Volunteer)

Cour’tenay Wms. Gillespie (Volunteer)

Sara Ziaja (Volunteer)